Luxury Car/Bus Transfers

Amigo Jet have access to a wide range of luxury, high performance vehicles all around the world. It is our job to guarantee that our customers are completely free from worry, and this will certainly be the case as you ride in one of the finest VIP automobiles . Whether you are in the mood for a sophisticated Mercedes, or a racier number, we will deliver, transporting you from your door to the steps of the aircraft, and bypassing the usual airport rigmarole (*Subject to airport restrictions). All Amigo Jet drivers will be equipped with a detailed itinerary of your trip meaning that, regardless of whether you are being picked up on the tarmac or at your hotel door, we will know exactly where you are going so you can relax and enjoy a worry-free journey. You will not be late on our watch.

                                                                             For more information contact our Concierge Department 24/7