Yachts Chartering

Nothing leaves a lasting impression quite like a Luxury Yacht, and with many of our customers out to impress prospective clients in various parts of the world, our yacht chartering service can come in very handy indeed. Regardless of the location, if there is water for you to sail on, then the Amigo Jet team will ensure that you have everything you need to relax in ultimate style and lavish your guests with a luxurious experience they will not forget in a hurry.Once we know how many guests are in your party we will go about arranging the appropriately sized vessel, as well as every aspect of your boat trip, from top quality food to the finest champagne and cocktails. Your route will be as scenic as possible, with an experienced captain taking care of everything at the helm.

For more information about Yachts Chartering please contact our Concierge Team 24/7