Hotels/Villas Reservations

In addition to transporting you to your destination in one of our luxurious Jets/Helicopters, we also take it upon ourselves to ensure that this impeccably high standard continues once you're on the ground. Leave yourself in the capable hands of our Amigo Jet concierge team, whose years of experience will guarantee that you stay in only the very best hotels/villas. Paris, Moscow, Barbados, Berlin- the world is full of exotic locations, and our team know exactly how to exploit the best that your destination has to offer.As with every service we offer, every one of your needs will be taken into consideration, ensuring that you not only experience the best that the world of luxury hotels has to offer, but that the nature of your resort matches your personality and likes.

So rest assured, safe in the knowledge that, after leaving the sophisticated interiors of one of Private Jets, you will be relaxing in equally sophisticated surroundings once you arrive at your new temporary home.For more information about Hotels and Villas Reservation please contact our Concierge Team 24/7