Executive Bodyguard Services

At Amigo Jet we are used to dealing with high-profile clients and celebrities who often feel uneasy about trips to and from the airport, and that is why we work with the best private security companies around. Should you require our bodyguard service you will find yourself being looked after by an experienced and highly trained to the highest security standards minder whose sole purpose is to guarantee your safety. After all, luxury can only be enjoyed if you feel secure.We will gather every detail pertaining to your journey, including all aspects of your itinerary and the number of people in your party. Once we have clarified all legs of your journey you will be able to choose the points at which you feel protection is necessary. Alternatively, you can utilise our security service for the entirety of your journey, from your door, to your plane, to your hotel, and back again. We will brief our highly trained team on every single little detail and they will go about using their very particular skills to ensure that you have a hassle-free journey from beginning to end. We value our clients above all else, and if protection is what they need, then only the best will do.

For more information about Bodyguard Services please contact our Concierge Team 24/7 [email protected]