Welcome to the world of most luxurious Private Jet Charter and Concierge Services

Amigo Jet is a Private Jet Charter and Luxury Concierge company specialising in tailored, unique VIP services for those looking to get where they want to go in style. All aspects of our bespoke service are held to the highest standards, with exemplary Amigo Jet staff guaranteeing relaxation, comfort and refinement.Amigo Jet is not just a company, which charters Private Jets all around the world – it is also your reliable partner for all occasions.

Our VIP client base includes world leaders, celebrities, entrepreneurs and very high profile people, meaning that VIP lounges and VIP service are prioritised above all else.The Amigo Jet service stands out in a number of ways, offering luxurious door to door car services, an extensive on-board catering, and services catering from everything from Private Jets and luxury cars to personal bodyguards.

Our extensive and carefully selected worldwide network of partners ensures that we are able to offer our expectant customers the incredibly high standards they deserve. Safety standards and performance levels have never been higher, and Amigo Jet is at the forefront of the technological wave, employing only the best Aircrafts, as well as the best crews to operate them.

Amigo Jet always focused on the client, whether it be our loyalty points or Empty Leg Offers, or the most comprehensive of personal services. No requirement is too big and no specification is too detailed.

Whether you are Jetting off to Berlin for a meeting with potential new investor, or hopping on board a Helicopter to make a business lunch, the comprehensive Amigo Jet service has all the tools necessary to streamline every element of your journey.
Our task is not only to make your flight perfect, but also to make it memorable experience for you and your family.
With Amigo Jet it is convenient, easy and safe !

Relax and leave yourself in very capable hands of the Amigo Jet Team !